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Performing arts with an interdisciplinary approach. Get to know some of our works.

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2020 brought new challenges for cultural endeavors, globally. Faced with the cancellation of massive events around the world, we decided to transform the 7th edition of the International Festival of Circus and Street Arts of Puerto Rico, into Circo Fest Online . A program that was broadcast live on our social networks and featured circus performances by the eight international companies which were part of Circo Fest 2020.


The great success obtained gave way to the creation of ACircTV . A virtual platform to share artistic and cultural content digitally. With the collaboration of local and international artists, a variety of shows, educational content, interviews and more is being shared. The channel is available on our YouTube page.

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Banquete (Banquet) is a collective creation, developed with the contribution of each one of the participating artists; each idea was integrated into the plot. It tells the story of a feast that would take place in the house of Mr. and Mrs. Pueblo (Town), in order to celebrate the sale of their house. They have no idea that Mr. Soplapot (Pander) intends to sell the property to Mr. and Mrs. Entitled. With the help of the waiters, the space is prepared and with great shows they almost manage to distract and obnox the real owners. With the help of "La mimo que mira" (Te mime who sees), it is possible to discover the aforementioned plan. The characters will agree to eliminate their social differences and thus be able to enjoy this celebration in harmony, which, after all, is already set up.

The piece, an analogy of the current situation on the Island, premiered in December 2019, at El Bastión. A source of inspiration to develop Banquete was the work "Those who eat from it" by the Puerto Rican plastic artist Edgard Luiggi, which was exhibited at El Bastión as part of a group exhibition in 2017.

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"Vaivén (Sway): a reflection on migration" is a multidisciplinary work that addresses the transformation of the individual when it comes to having to emigrate to a new destination. It takes as its starting point the massive emigration that Puerto Rico has suffered and continues to suffer, as well as the immigration that exists to the Island; movements originated mostly by economic, climatic and personal situations.


The testimonies and images of the residents of Barrio Amelia, who were a fundamental part of the creation process, were integrated. As part of the project, some old warehouses were enabled, which were completely abandoned. The space was cleaned and the necessary equipment for production was brought in.

Vaivén arises as part of the El Mac en el Barrio community outreach and art program, implemented by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico (MAC) in communities of Santurce, Río Piedras, Guaynabo and Cataño.

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