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Since our incorporation, in 2013, we have worked continuously to promote arts and culture in Puerto Rico. These are some of our projects:


El Bastión is a self-sustained multidisciplinary cultural center, located on the premises of the Casa Blanca Museum in Old San Juan. After nine months of uninterrupted work to restore the building, ACirc managed to inaugurate in September 2017 a place for the development of cultural activities. Currently, it offers weekly educational arts programming and arts events such as concerts, circus and theater shows, exhibitions and more. In addition, a resilience center was included to provide essential services to the Old San Juan community in case of emergency and to have community garden. The space has a cafe, library, rehearsal rooms and space for private activities and for the general public.


The Puerto Rico Circus and Street Arts Festival (Circo Fest) has been held annually in Old San Juan, since 2014. Each edition features around eight international companies and 30 local companies in shows that bring together more than 100 artists each year. During the Festival, workshops of different art disciplines are offered for the artistic community. 70,000 spectators gather, during the two days of presentations in Old San Juan. After the activities of the Circo Fest in Old San Juan, there is a tour with international artists through different municipalities of the Island, where shows and workshops are presented for the communities. We visit one of the municipality islands (Vieques or Culebra) and three additional towns. All the activities of the Circo Fest and its Mini Tour are presented free of charge, while donations to the "cap" are encouraged.


Artistic Creations: ACirc creates and produces performing arts shows with multidisciplinary techniques. With a critical view and social awareness, the organization integrates current issues, with elements of circus and theater, to bring enriching experiences to the public, without losing sight of the taste for spectacularity.




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