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Selection of videos from some of our artistic creations.

IMAGINARIUM, is a creation of the ACirc Association. A performance with different techniques; jugglers, different characters, aerobatics, live music and dance. A show were everything is possible.

Performance presented on Noche de Catrinas, November 1, 2018 for the Museum of the Americas, VSJ, Puerto Rico. Night of the dead celebration. Video by: Alex Antonio Ortega

Varieté Circo Caravana is a show by the ACirc Association. It is a family show were different circus disciplines, balances, juggling, aerial acrobatics, comic magic, and a lot of interaction with the public are combined.

Video by: Alex Antonio Ortega Music: Hector "Coco" Barez

Circo Circuito in Cataño, a 6-hour event, full of color and joy. A troupe full of circus and batucada characters, 8 national companies and a great musical closing with Jerry Medina and the Band. With the sponsorship of: Bacardi, Mercy Corps, ACirc and


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