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We are always open to receive solidarity people, who support our cultural agency. There are multiple ways to collaborate, regardless of whether you are an organization or an individual. Let us work together for the development of arts and culture; for a better Puerto Rico.

Volunteering at El Bastión

As part of our cultural programming at El Bastión, we have a community garden that requires care every day. Join our group of volunteers. Excellent opportunity for families who want to do activities together, organizations that carry out activities for groups, people who need to complete "green hours".

Volunteer for Circo Fest

We have around 150 volunteers every year for the International Festival of Circus and Street Arts in March. The team is distributed to carry out support tasks for logistics, assembly, points of sale, dismantling and other related tasks.

Sponsorships and grants

If you are a member of an organization and want to sponsor our organization or have funds available to finance projects, we are at your best disposal to create collaboration options.


Our donation fund is nourished by organizations and individuals who want to join this great initiative. No contribution is small, as it helps us achieve our goals

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